~~ Kate S. Sierra Vista,  Mel's "combat acupuncture" is great for Soldiers and veterans who have trouble with insomnia, anxiety, and calming the mind. I highly recommend her treatments!!!

Andrea A. ~~~ I had my first ever acupuncture appointment with Mel last week and I will definitely be going back. She was very informative on the process and gentle. I complain getting my eyebrows waxed but I felt no pain whatsoever with the needles. She does more than acupuncture and I'm excited to try the other services as well. Definitely recommend!

~~ Karyl L. Sierra Vista,AZ:  Melanie's application of acupuncture care and treatment is superb.  She has the knowledge and ability to apply the different therapies as well as explain what she is doing.  She is attentive to my specific needs and temporary limitations through a through analysis of what is needed on each visit, and is committed to my personalized care.  I highly recommend Mel for par of an overall health care plan.

~~Andrea A. Sierra Vista, AZ  Updated -  I went to see Mel yesterday because I felt myself coming down with a cold. It has not even been 24 hours since my treatment and I already feel a world better! I usually go see my doctor and fill whatever prescription they prescribe but this time, I decided to give Mel a try. I could not be happier with my decision. I feel much better and the only medicine I've taken is cough syrup she recommended I pick up from an Oriental store in town. Definitely recommend.

~~Trish T. Sierra Vista, AZ  Melanie is so committed your wellness. She has helped me with my back and knee pain. I can sleep so much better and my stress has diminished significantly. Thank you for your thoughtful and caring bedside manner. Highly recommend her if you are contemplating acupuncture. A+

~~Wendy J. Sierra Vista, AZ  FANTASTIC SERVICE! Loved the time spent before my treatment explaining the whole process in a very relaxing and calming environment from a licensed acupuncturist. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!  

~~ Wendy J.  Update:  Had a doozy of a cold this week... Last night I went to see my acupuncturist at Huachuca Acupuncture in the West End Wellness complex... The work Mel Kuehn did on me was better than any medication a M.D. could have ever prescribed. Thanks so much for the relief and getting me back on my feet so quickly! Vacation here I come! — feeling awesome.